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Sex is vital for explosive power, claims swimming champ who offered wisdom on large breasts and orgasms during Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Sex is vital for explosive power, claims swimming champ who offered wisdom on large breasts and orgasms during Tokyo 2020 Olympics
A Russian Olympic champ who offered lengthy advice on orgasms and big breasts during the Tokyo Games has shared more of her wisdom on sex, adding that her insights come from consulting doctors and science.

Cerebral three-time Olympic gold medalist Alla Shishkina has not been shy to discuss saucy subjects recently, holding forth in detail about sport and sex, the challenges of large busts and a range of other intriguing subjects during her time with the Russian squad for the delayed 2020 edition.

After sharing a photo of herself cheekily kissing Russian president Vladimir Putin when she was 22, Shishkina began July by offering her in-depth views on love and relationships, the curious case of the Russian flag at this year's Olympics and, in one intimate three-day double-bill, cleavages and hormones.

Responding to a request she said she had received, the 32-year-old explained that abstinence could help male athletes who stand to benefit from having greater testosterone in their disciplines, such as martial artists, weightlifters and powerlifters.

Shishkina had better news for amorous golfers, curlers and other athletes involved in sports where reactions, speed and strategic thinking are more important, advising them that they can benefit from the release of testosterone enabled by sex.

"Women are more emotional and more resilient than men," she hypothesized, saying that women's muscle mass and testosterone can be increased by arousal.

"Sex without orgasm before the competition is suitable for those who need muscle strength to achieve the best results.

"Testosterone is also responsible for so-called 'sports anger' and 'aggression'. If you feel that this attitude helps you perform better, then refrain from sex."

The Moscow-born champion also turned to the unique challenges posed by having an ample bosom, telling women with "volumetric forms" to "live and rejoice."

"But only girls with a large bust are well aware of the problems that this bust brings to them," she cautioned, encouraging anyone without knowledge of that predicament during physical activity to hold a 3kg (6.6lbs) backpack in front of them while running a short distance.

Noting her concern with back pain, Shishinka discussed a "large weight" and "high mobility of the mammary glands, regardless of the body." "They 'jump out' and 'fight'," she said of those examples, describing large breasts as "not a plus" in synchronized swimming.

"Contrary to the myth that breasts help keep you afloat, the opposite is true. Training with large breasts is harder."

Shishinka helpfully suggested exercises to strengthen core muscles as one solution, pointing out that they could help her fans to forget about back pain caused by a well-endowed chest.

"The combination of all the above difficulties sometimes leads to the fact that the owners of impressive forms resort to operations to reduce the mammary glands," she observed.

"Such operations are complex and expensive, and the visual result does not always meet expectations."

For a third successive Games, sensational Shishkina's expertise extended to the pool as she helped her team put in a near-perfect performance to claim gold before being pressed about her sexual insights upon her return.

"I relied on the research of doctors and consulted with Denis, our doctor," the star told Sport Express. "The scientific community says that if you need explosive power, you have to have sex.

"And if there is long, cyclical work ahead, then probably not. But there are still nuances for each organism and you need to listen to yourself first. If you feel that sex helps, then go ahead."

Among other hot topics, Shishkina did not hold back when discussing Yaroslava Mahuchikh, the Ukrainian high jumper whose embrace of Russian champion Maria Lasitskene led to a stern response from her country's ministry of defense and an ensuing diplomatic row.

"The other day, I posted a girl who sang in Ukrainian from a concert," she said of the controversy surrounding the two mutual admirers and army athletes.

"I noted the entire Ukrainian team in my story and wrote that no political feuds would separate us.

"Only two girls reposted it. The rest wrote, 'Alla, we love you very much, but we cannot post this – there will be a reprimand.'

"Come on, do not pretend to be a fool. Sports and politics go hand in hand. Sport is so-called soft power. And I am sympathetic to the position of Ukrainian girls."

She also delivered another blow for deposed Russia football captain Artem Dzyuba in a week when the Zenit powerhouse has had to deal with being dropped by his club and country.

Shishkina previously backed Dzyuba over a sex video scandal, but appears to have been less sympathetic when asked whether he is more worthy of recognition than Olympic superstar Svetlana Romashina, who is one of Shishkina's national teammates.

Romashina won a remarkable seventh Olympic gold medal via her part on the team that dazzled in Japan.

"You can't even compare them," said Shishkina, assessing the swimmer and striker. "Well, what are you doing?

"A great athlete who is somewhere in the skies, and a very mediocre footballer on a global scale. Just incomparable."

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