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10 Aug, 2021 18:35

‘It wasn’t me’: Fans in hysterics as English footballer is suspected of ‘sh*tting himself’ during fart-filled interview (VIDEO)

‘It wasn’t me’: Fans in hysterics as English footballer is suspected of ‘sh*tting himself’ during fart-filled interview (VIDEO)

An English footballer has bravely breezed on despite appearing to stink out his new club's home stadium during an explosive interview, leaving fans howling after loud flatulence could be heard emanating from the fresh signing.

Digestively-troubled Tommy Leigh bookended an apparently heartfelt interview with a local BBC station by producing at least two clearly audible, wet-sounding emissions as he spoke.

Fans did not let the rippling squelches drop quite as freely as defensive midfielder Leigh seemed to, seizing upon the chance to question whether they had really just heard the rasps reverberate from the rookie professional.

"At 20 seconds he nearly sh*ts himself, then follows straight up with commentary like 'get released' and 'it hurt a lot'," said one viewer, suggesting that the odious gag could have been a pre-planned prank on Leigh's part as the player snapped up from a non-league club discussed his tough path to the League One side's squad.

"I don't think he was talking about his career, to be honest."

A comedian and sports broadcaster admitted he couldn't believe the noticeably noxious noises had "passed unacknowledged", while a joker described the increasingly farcical chat as "rip-roaring stuff".

"What a squelcher," said one surprised commentator. "Really worked for it, too. Didn’t put him off, though. Proper professional."

"Proper followed through there," observed another, airing their views. "Even did a mini squat to get out the residue."

Leigh was on the seat of his pants for what could have been his first taste of league action on Saturday, only to remain an unused substitute as Accrington fell foul of a leaky backline to go two goals behind in the opening 15 minutes in their first league game of the season.

It was squeaky bum time for their opponents, Wycombe, as Stanley squeezed in a late reply to deny them a clean sheet, only for their hopes of three points to go down the pan as their hosts held on for a 2-1 win.

Leigh will be hoping to blow off the cobwebs and breathe in the sweet smell of success when Accrington welcome Cambridge on Saturday.

After watching thousands of fans pick up on his unexpected mid-conversation interludes, Leigh responded to the speculation with an animation of celebrity Shaggy.

Showing he was far from down in the dumps about his new-found notoriety, the former Portsmouth prospect reproduced the immortal title of one of the pop star's top hits by telling his accusers: "It wasn't me."

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