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24 Jun, 2021 21:45

BBC received thousands of complaints over shocking decision to show Christian Eriksen & his wife while he fought for life on pitch

BBC received thousands of complaints over shocking decision to show Christian Eriksen & his wife while he fought for life on pitch

The scale of the fury provoked by the BBC's bizarre choice to continue broadcasting live footage of stricken Denmark star Christian Eriksen during his shocking collapse at Euro 2020 has been revealed, with thousands slamming them.

In a move that was widely condemned by appalled viewers, the BBC kept the cameras rolling while Eriksen endured life-threatening moments on the pitch, haplessly misjudging the highly sensitive scenes that featured his team-mates crowding around the midfielder in an attempt to protect his privacy.

In a harrowing state of affairs that it was hard to imagine anyone being keen to continue watching, Eriksen's wife, Sabrina, was shown as she approached the pitch in tears, fearing the worst for her husband after medics gave him CPR in one of the most disturbing incidents ever witnessed in a football match.

The BBC said viewers had found the footage "intrusive", adding that it had received 6,417 complaints about its colossal error of judgement.

"Don’t ever want to see the BBC or any of these other international broadcasters virtue signal or apologize for a swearword ever again," seethed one horrified fan as they watched the ordeal unfold during the Danes' group stage clash with Finland.

"To spend 15 minutes showing Eriksen being resuscitated, zoom in on that and his eyes after he went down, then show his wife crying? Disgrace."

Others called for the bosses leading the broadcast to be sacked, with one critic fuming: "Trying to zoom in on Eriksen then show his wife – f*cking disgusting. Just turn it off."

"Fire the camera guy focusing on Christian Eriksen’s wife after he collapsed – and the director too," demanded another. "Deciding to show live footage of his wife is utterly disgusting and inhumane."

The BBC apologized in a statement shortly after the program, saying sorry to "anyone who was upset by the images broadcast."

"In-stadium coverage is controlled by Uefa as the host broadcaster and, as soon as the match was suspended, we took our coverage off air as quickly as possible," it claimed.

Eriksen has now left hospital after making a remarkable recovery that included a successful operation to fit a defibrillator implant.

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