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5 Feb, 2021 15:52

‘I will fight back’: Jilted model who has ‘devil’ football ace’s name tattooed on her chest lashes out after ‘writing off his car’

‘I will fight back’: Jilted model who has ‘devil’ football ace’s name tattooed on her chest lashes out after ‘writing off his car’

World Cup winner Jerome Boateng has accused German beauty Kasia Lenhardt of blackmail in a fierce public row, adding that she "destroyed" his relationships in claims that the model has hit back at by branding him the "devil".

Fuming pin-up Lenhardt berated Boateng for his "constant" cheating and "lies", responding furiously after the Bayern Munich defender announced that he was "disappointed in himself" and had to "take responsibility" for damaging his family.

Boateng has been in a 15-month relationship with Lenhardt, who wrote his Mini car off when she crashed into a street lamp and was found to have alcohol in her blood before being taken to hospital in Berlin, according to Bild.

"I will definitely speak up, but I have to collect myself," thundered the 25-year-old finalist of Germany's Next Top Model, reacting to Boateng's post about the split.

"Please give me time. I will fight back because I've never been so deceived, used and lied to. Give me a moment."

In a now-deleted post of the pair together, Lenhardt wrote: "The devil does his best."

She also told the Germany center-back: "I ended the relationship because of all your lies and constant infidelity. But well, that fits into the picture again. All the best."

Lenhardt has Boateng's name tattooed on her chest, but the 32-year-old is more concerned with the impact of the scandal on his former flame, Rebecca Silvera.

"As is known from the media, I ended the relationship with Kasia Lenhardt," the two-time Champions League winner told his following of more than 6.8 million.

"We will go our separate ways from now on. That is regrettable, but for my family and for me it is the only right one.

"I had to take this step and draw a line. I apologize to everyone I've hurt, especially with my ex-girlfriend, Rebecca, and our children.

"I am disappointed in myself, too. A man has to take responsibility and act in the interests of his family and I'm doing it now. I wish Kasia all the best."

Boateng elaborated to Bild: "Kasia became my girlfriend by destroying the relationship with my ex-girlfriend Rebecca and my family and blackmailed me. So I decided to stay with Kasia and try to make it work."

Silvera has published excerpts on Instagram from "manipulative" alleged voice messages sent by Lenhardt, according to RTL.

"Kasia destroyed my family for her own benefit," she told the outlet. "I'm not going to let her destroy Jerome too.

"I'm not going to let her play the victim. She's done enough damage."

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