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14 Oct, 2020 15:18

'Biggest fraud I’ve seen': Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister says Covid-19 pandemic is FAKE in rant after star tests positive

'Biggest fraud I’ve seen': Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister says Covid-19 pandemic is FAKE in rant after star tests positive

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, Katia Aveiro, is known for being protective of the Juventus star but she took it to a whole new level on Wednesday when she reacted to the footballer’s positive Covid-19 test.

It was announced on Tuesday that the 35-year-old - who has not displayed symptoms - was in isolation and out of Portugal’s UEFA Nations League clash with Sweden after contracting the virus.

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On Wednesday, Aveiro posted a picture of her brother on her Instagram Stories alongside the caption“If Cristiano Ronaldo is the one who has to wake the world up, I have to say that this Portuguese really is an envoy from God. Thank you!

“I believe that, today, thousands of people who have come to believe so much in this pandemic, in the tests and the measures taken will, like me, see it is the biggest fraud I've seen since I was born.

“A phrase that I read today and that I stood up to applaud: 'Enough fooling the entire world'. Someone, open your eyes, please.”

She also posted a video of Ronaldo’s positive test being discussed on Portuguese television.

The singer has a reputation for being overprotective when it comes to her younger brother.

In 2016, she described vandals who defaced Ronaldo’s statue in Madeira by writing “Messi 10” on his back as “unloved and frustrated fatheads.”

Aveiro also trolled Gerard Pique when Ronaldo scored the winning goal against Barcelona in El Clasico for Real Madrid that same year, and was quick to compare his stats with Luka Modric’s after the Croatian beat him to the 2018 Ballon d’Or.

She came to the forward’s defence again last year when Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk made a light-hearted joke at his expense at the 2019 Ballon d’Or ceremony.

The Dutchman finished behind Lionel Messi but ahead of Ronaldo in the voting, and when asked about the Portugal star’s absence from the ceremony, he responded: “Why? Was he a candidate?”

Aveiro was quick to put the centre-back in his place.

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Acho que há pessoas a viver completamente frustradas!!! E fora da realidade... A tal humildade! Repórter: "Cristiano Ronaldo não estará cá esta noite. É menos um rival a ter em conta." Van Dijk: " É Cristiano Ronaldo realmente um rival?" Foi esta a resposta do central holandês do Liverpool, quando confrontado sobre a ausência do astro português da gala desta noite. É certo e sabido que Ronaldo não ganhará o prémio desta noite. Apesar de ter vencido importantes títulos colectivos...mas isso é outra conversa e que lá na frente iremos ver onde vai chegar a verdade sobre o futebol !!! Agora, caro Virgil, para onde tu vais, Cristiano Ronaldo já foi e já veio mil vezes . Vê lá bem, meu caro Virgil, que o Cristiano Ronaldo foi tri-campeão no país onde tu já jogas há anos e ainda não conseguiste meter a mão na "lata". O Cristiano Ronaldo até foi o melhor jogador e melhor marcador no país onde jogas Virgil. Por sinal, era até bem mais jovem que tu. Depois, caro Virgil, o Cristiano Ronaldo foi para outras paragens e tornou-se no maior jogador da história de um clubezito. Real Madrid, diz-te algo Virgil? É possível que sim, porque esse clube, com esse tal Cristiano até te derrotaram na final de uma tal de Champions League. Dessas, já o Ronaldo tem 5, Virgil. E esse tal Ronaldo e companheiros, com as quinas ao peito, esmagaram a tua "laranja" numa final. Foi duro, Virgil? Temos pena. E, caro Virgil, numa das épocas menos conseguidas da sua carreira, o Cristiano Ronaldo ainda venceu mais títulos que tu. Impressionante, não é? Agora, Virgil, vai vencer títulos daqueles que realmente contam e depois falamos. Quando tiveres uma mão cheia deles, dos realmente importantes, talvez te possas sentar à mesa com o Cristiano. Ou como se diz na nossa terra, cresce e aparece! E para mim @cristiano és e serás para sempre o melhor jogador do mundo!!! E quem não gosta que ponha na roda do prato !!!😂❤️❤️❤️( como se diz na nossa terra ,pequenina para muitos ) mas de onde saiu o melhor de todos os tempos...#assinoembaixoluisfaria #cr7n1 #Eotrabalhocontinua #respostastánahistoriaenomuseu #orgulhodomeurei #Deusnocomando

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Ronaldo’s other older sister, Elma Aveiro, is similarly quick to defend her brother from the smallest of slights.

After Modric claimed the 2018 Ballon d’Or, she wrote on Instagram: “Unfortunately this is the world we live in, rotten, with mafia and f*cking money.

“The power of God is a lot greater than all this rottenness. God takes his time but he doesn’t fail.”

Meanwhile, after Ronaldo and Juventus were dumped out of the UEFA Champions League last season by Lyon, she suggested his teammates had not done enough.

“You did better than anyone, dear brother. I’m proud to see you play and to see your dedication but unfortunately you can't do everything alone.”

Describing a global pandemic as a “fraud” might just be seen as the most extreme reaction from either of the pair yet, though.

The coronavirus has wrought havoc across the globe, with 38 million cases reported worldwide and more than 1 million deaths.