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'P*ssed, tired, high?': Fans concerned after Mike Tyson slurs words, almost falls asleep during live TV interview (VIDEO)

'P*ssed, tired, high?': Fans concerned after Mike Tyson slurs words, almost falls asleep during live TV interview (VIDEO)
Fans have reacted with concern after boxing legend Mike Tyson gave an awkward interview on UK breakfast television on Tuesday ahead of his comeback fight with Roy Jones Jr.

Speaking via a remote link live from Los Angeles to Piers Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', the 54-year-old Tyson at times appeared confused, slurring his words during the often brief answers he gave and also appeared close to nodding off. 

Fans shared footage of the interview on Twitter and questioned Tyson’s condition.

One suggested he was “absolutely hammered,” while another asked: “What is going on with Mike Tyson? Tired, Punch Drunk or too much Charlie?”

In a similar vein, another viewer wrote: “Mike Tyson is out of his face on Good Morning Britain this morning. What the f**k is he on?”

GMB presenter Alex Beresford, who was not present on the show during the interview, also expressed his concern. 

“Hoping Mike Tyson is just tired,” he tweeted.

However, others were not concerned for the former undisputed heavyweight world champion.

“Everybody saying Mike Tyson was off his nut on GMB not taking into account a time difference, not to mention the sheer fact that Mike Tyson couldn’t give less of a sh*t about a British morning TV show,” said one.

Another echoed: “Everyone concerned about Mike Tyson, he’s more than ok. He owns a 420-acre weed farm. Yes, 420. He sells half a million dollars worth a month and he says he smokes $30k a month. It’s best to interview him early in his day.”

The time difference may well have been a factor, as Los Angeles is eight hours behind the UK and for Tyson the interview would have taken place fairly late at night, at the end of a day which he likely spent training.

‘Iron Mike’ is also well known for his love of marijuana.

The boxer is building a 418-acre weed resort and is said to earn around $650,000 a month from his operation.

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He also admitted to smoking around $40,000 worth of weed per month himself, although he said last month he has given up in the run-up to his fight with Jones Jr. on November 28, which will be a charity exhibition match.

Morgan asked the American if he was in similar shape to 15 years ago, to which he responded: “Pretty much, I am just ready to do this, I feel really good, I am ready to do this.”

The fighter was also asked if long-time friend and US president Donald Trump could win his reelection campaign, and said: “Well, anything is possible, people should go to the voting booth and people should vote.”

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He did not want to be drawn onto the subject of politics further, though. 

When asked if being eligible to vote - something he has never done before and was unable to do following his 1992 felony conviction for rape - was important to him, he added: “Yes, because it's true, that's very important to me. I get to cast my vote and vote for who I want to vote for. I'm not talking politics. Anyone can vote for anyone, but please vote.”

Tyson is currently preparing for his comeback against light heavyweight legend Roy Jones Jr, 51, on November 28 in California.