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'Zero to do with the UFC': Conor McGregor proposes 'exhibition' charity bout with Dustin Poirier in Ireland

'Zero to do with the UFC': Conor McGregor proposes 'exhibition' charity bout with Dustin Poirier in Ireland
Conor McGregor's war of words with UFC president Dana White looks to be continuing after he challenged Dustin Poirier to a charity exhibition fight in Dublin which he says would have 'zero to do with the UFC'.

McGregor and White have become embroiled in an online feud in recent days which stems from the Irishman's discontent at what he feels is a lack of matchmaking opportunities for him within the UFC - and if White is unable to get him a fight, McGregor says he will just go ahead and sort one out for himself.

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Late on Monday, McGregor sent a series of tweets to his former opponent Poirier, saying: "Hey bro! You want to do an MMA charity fight? Zero to do with the UFC.

"I will donate half a mill towards your charity for it. Sell it on PPV or work a TV deal and we work out other charities that are close to my heart also. I am engaged in many. Strictly a charity 'exhibition'".

"December 12th in the Point Depot, Ireland. No weigh ins. Open weight, unified rules. I will arrange all travel fare for you and family. McGregor Sports and Entertainment MMA, in association with The Good Fight Foundation. Charity Mixed Martial Arts!"

Poirier responded almost immediately to accept McGregor's offer, saying that it would be of huge benefit to his 'Good Fight Foundation' charity and comes after he had called out McGregor on several occasions in the past for a rematch of their first fight in September 2014. 

"I’m in! Lets do it!" Poirier replied. "A lot of people will benefit from this."

McGregor defeated Poirier by first-round TKO at UFC 178 in what was his Las Vegas debut.

Some hours after their initial exchange McGregor responded once again to Poirier to say that they should now discuss the event in private and that the Louisiana native has his respect.

Of course, despite the desire of both McGregor and Poirier to take part in this proposed event, their contractual status with the UFC remains a sticking point in any potential deal. The UFC hold contractual rights to both men and would, in theory at least, be compelled to sign off on any fight - be it an 'exhibition' or not.

The UFC have signed off on some of their fighters taking part in grappling competitions, and of course McGregor's 2017 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, but it remains unlikely that they would give their blessing to their biggest pay-per-view attraction taking part in an MMA bout outside of their jurisdiction - even if it is for charity. 

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It should also be noted that this exchange comes amid the public feud McGregor and Dana White have become embroiled in after McGregor criticized the UFC for failing to arrange a fight for him last May. McGregor also released screengrabs of a series of text conversations with White - something the UFC president later described as a violation of the 'man code'.