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'I lift up WOLVES': UFC 'savage' Mike Perry issues BIZARRE rant as he breaks silence after flooring elderly man in restaurant row

'I lift up WOLVES': UFC 'savage' Mike Perry issues BIZARRE rant as he breaks silence after flooring elderly man in restaurant row
Disgraced UFC star Mike Perry has broken his silence for the first time since being filmed punching a man to the floor during a restaurant fracas almost two weeks ago, likening himself to an incontinent dog and a wolf in a circus.

Perry posed in front of a mural of a wolf during a sparring session at the American Top Team of Sunrise training center in Florida and offered his thoughts for the first time since he was filmed flooring the man as part of a furious altercation at the restaurant in Texas.

Speaking for the first time since he posted "no comment" in response to reports of his arrest, the hot-tempered welterweight claimed that "it's all for some reason" and appeared to compare his verbal and physical attack on the man to a dog becoming house-trained.

"I raise and lift up wolves and savages," he said, having been charged by police for assault.

"If the dog keeps p*ssing in the house, it doesn’t mean he can’t be a great dog or even a wolf.

"They say you can’t put wolves in the circus. Don’t mould to what they want.

"Do it how you need to. Be a wolf that plays in the circus and gets paid like a leader."

Perry had warned the man that he would "knock your old *ass out" before hospitalizing him by punching him to the floor, calling him a "motherf*cker" and a "fat piece of sh*t" in between repeatedly shouting the word "n*****".

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Perry's girlfriend and trainer, Latory Gonzalez, who pleaded with Perry to "go, Mike" while he became increasingly angry at the restaurant, appears to have moved to a high-rise apartment in Miami.

While the fighter used his Instagram story to show himself listening to Eminem hit 'Stan' in a clip overlooking the city from her new home, Gonzalez made him laugh on Twitter by writing: "I better learn some Spanish, living in Miami."

Perry described the view as the "highest paid coach in the game's new spot", then filmed himself cruising in a car and listening to more music by Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

He also described Tyron Woodley, who beat Perry's arch rival, Darren Till, as "champ sh*t" and paid tribute to lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov's father, Abdulmanap, following the revered coach's death earlier this month.

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