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27 May, 2020 15:15

'Put some respect on his name!' Fans respond to 'bitter ex-wife' Deontay Wilder's rant on Mike Tyson (VIDEO)

'Put some respect on his name!' Fans respond to 'bitter ex-wife' Deontay Wilder's rant on Mike Tyson (VIDEO)

Boxing fans have demanded former WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder to "put some respect" on Mike Tyson's name after a ranting Instagram Live video resurfaced of him lambasting the boxing legend's record.

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Footage of Wilder ranting about the lack of Hall of Fame fighters on Tyson's 50-6 professional record recently resurfaced and went viral, precipitating a wave of backlash from boxing fans on social media.

In the video, filmed in 2017, the former WBC champ largely discredited Tyson's accomplishments in the ring, citing the fact only two men - fellow champs and all-time greats Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis - feature on his slate, and both resulted in losses for 'Iron Mike'. 

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Despite Tyson being the youngest man ever to win the world heavyweight championship aged just 20, doing so in 1986, it seems that 'The Bronze Bomber' wasn't blown away by his feats.

However, fans on social media have been quick to come to Tyson's once-impregnable defence, and demanded Wilder put respect on the baddest man on the planet's name, and accused Wilder of sounding like a 'bitter ex-wife'.

Social media users were incredulous at how Wilder, who in 2017 held the WBC strap which remains the only heavyweight belt he has ever held, could badmouth the former undisputed ruler of the division and two-time champ, something he has yet to accomplish.

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Wilder and Tyson are rated two of the hardest punchers ever to lace up a pair of gloves, the former having lost his title in his last outing in February to the man named after Iron Mike, 'Gypsy King' Tyson Fury.

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With rumours of Tyson making a comeback, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to think that Wilder has inadvertently thrown his hat into the proverbial ring to be a target for Tyson.

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