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26 Apr, 2020 14:32

'Corona sh*t has me so bored': Controversial eSports star who fed cat vodka SUSPENDED by Twitch for FLASHING (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

'Corona sh*t has me so bored': Controversial eSports star who fed cat vodka SUSPENDED by Twitch for FLASHING (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

One of the world's most notorious eSports personalities has caused uproar among gamers after being suspended by streaming platform Twitch for baring one of her breasts in an apparent accident during a live show.

Alinity Divine staggered backwards and mouthed "Oh my god," after an attempt to stuff a pillow up her top backfired during a broadcast to her following of more than a million, as she exposed her left breast in a clip the Colombian gamer opted not to delete after drinking six shots of vodka during the debacle.

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Viewers reacted with fury to the awkward slip, castigating Divine for her crudity during a spell on hit game Just Dance and calling for her to be banned from the platform while making cruel remarks about her looks and intellect.

The Canada-based 32-year-old blasted back at critics who accused her of dispensing with a bra and flashing her chest as a premeditated stunt, ranting: "If I had done it on purpose I would have made them look so much better.

"That lightning and angle didn't do them any justice...no way that was on purpose.

"Bras f*cking suck. Sluts rule. I love my body too much to let people's opinions affect how I feel about it."

The shocking incident led to some very specific questions from Divine's admirers and a deluge of complaints from incensed users of the platform who called for her to be banned from Twitch.

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She responded by imposing a three-day ban on herself, which was later enforced for 24 hours by Twitch.

"I quit for like two months but this corona sh*t has got me so bored," said Divine, claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic was partly to blame.

"I just wanted a fun night of dancing and memes. Not to give more fire on the flame or however the f*ck you said that, but I got one more thing to say: You guys knew I was Latina [yet] you expected me to have some nice pink nips – what the f*ck?


"I basically begged [Twitch] for a ban. Let's smoke some weed and chill, okay? I'm done fighting."

While some fans turned on trolls who tried to bully Divine, others accused Amazon, who bought Twitch for $970 million in 2014, of being too lenient on one of their most popular players and putting children at risk of seeing adult imagery.

On Twitter, where she continued to argue to an audience of more than 120,000 followers, one reader said: "You're spiraling. You really should stop now."

Others pointed to Divine's questionable treatment of her pets during previous live sessions, when she has filmed herself sending her cats flying from tall baskets after crashing into them, wrapping an unhappy cat in gift paper and feeding a cat vodka from her mouth.

Live gaming has become more popular than ever while the sporting calendar around the world has been halted by the spread of COVID-19.

Former champion Andy Murray is leading a virtual tournament with a prize of more than $158,000 among top tennis players, and a young Liverpool fan mimicked his team's dominance in the Premier League by winning a major showdown of some of the world's best FIFA players in London.

Some of their heroes are taking part in the forthcoming ePremier League Invitational tournament, with the likes of England forward Raheem Sterling and Reds defender Trent Alexander-Arnold joining a competition that will be broadcast on Twitch and other major platforms.

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