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17 Mar, 2019 18:36

'No Fuchs Given': Premier League winner Christian Fuchs primed to take over eSports world

'No Fuchs Given': Premier League winner Christian Fuchs primed to take over eSports world

Christian Fuchs has already won the biggest prize in English football but is turning his attention to the virtual realm of competitive gaming, as his 'No Fuchs Given' eSports team aims to become the best in the world.

To some, or even most of us, there is a very distinct line which separates video games and traditional sports. In recent years, though, that line has become increasingly blurred as more and more people invest in the growing trend of eSports.

One such person is Leicester City's Premier League winning fullback Christian Fuchs. Having achieved notable success on the pitch, the Austrian has invested in an eSports team called - you've guessed it - 'No Fuchs Given'.

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Since becoming one of the first professional footballers to do so, his team have become one of the more promising gaming collectives, just being edged out of prior to the group stages of the FIFA eClub World Cup last month in London, England.

Currently, No Fuchs Given lists 12 professional gamers in its ranks with 2016 world champion Mohamad Al-Bacha under exclusive contract with Fuchs' side.

While the transition from real football to its virtual cousin could be described as an odd one, to Fuchs it was a natural progression after years of playing the popular video game 'FIFA'.

"Like many people, I grew up with FIFA," Fuchs explained to FIFA.com. "I loved taking control of my idols on my console. However, it was only with the appearance of NFG eSports that I became aware of the existence of a competitive scene. I was immediately curious about his evolution. We have an extraordinary team, with strong personalities."

Fuchs has recruited gamers from across the globe to represent his team, including players from India, Singapore, England and Denmark which, he says, has led to a colorful collective.

"Sometimes I make decisions very quickly," he said. "Six months later, here we are in London for the FIFA eClub World CupWhen I have an idea in mind, I put all my passion into making it a reality. Today, we are one of the most important eFootball teams in the world, if not the most important."

Fuchs team became famous within the eSports world for being among the first to recruit a player, effectively introducing the concept of transfers between clubs. This, he says, will help eSports grow in tandem with having women compete alongside and against men.

"Like women's football, which is growing at a fast pace, women have a role to play in eFootball. More and more players will emerge to find a place among professionals; it's a natural evolution."

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