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8 Mar, 2019 15:26

'He should be banned for life!' Hockey player suspended by own team for brutal MMA move (VIDEO)

'He should be banned for life!' Hockey player suspended by own team for brutal MMA move (VIDEO)

Ice Hockey player Holden Anderson has been banned by his own team after severely injuring opposing player Julien Desrosiers with a move which would have been more at home in the UFC's Octagon than on a hockey rink.

The incident between the two players, which happened in the top division of French Ice Hockey, has led to Anderson being slammed by hockey fans and media alike for his actions and, while confrontations between players can often be commonplace in hockey, the manner of this particular scuffle led to his own team suspending the player indefinitely. 

Anderson ended Desrosiers' season with the move and further punishment is expected from the league. 

Desrosiers, a forward for Bordeaux, was knocked unconscious by Amiens' Anderson in the incident and reportedly suffered an acromioclavicular, or shoulder, sprain which will rule him out of the rest of the regular season.

The videos show the two players locked in a clinch before Anderson pushes his right leg forward to trip Desrosiers with a judo-like hip toss. Desrosiers remains prone on the ice as several other players approach Anderson, pushing him away.

The footage has since been shared on social media, with hockey fans unanimously making their opinions heard on Anderson's shocking move.

It is expected that the French Ice Hockey Federation will issue Anderson with a further suspension in the coming days.

Anderson's father Shawn was also a noted ice hockey player, having spent eight seasons in the NHL. Holden, a graduate of Cornell University's ice hockey program, has spent his career in Denmark and France since turning professional in 2017.

Despite Anderson's actions Amiens won the game, the fourth in their quarter-final series, 4-3.

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