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25 Apr, 2020 11:56

'Just wash your damn hands!' Golf influencer Tisha Alyn's dance video warns fans to NOT DRINK BLEACH to 'cure' COVID-19 (VIDEO)

'Just wash your damn hands!' Golf influencer Tisha Alyn's dance video warns fans to NOT DRINK BLEACH to 'cure' COVID-19 (VIDEO)

Following news that a host of Americans have been taken ill after drinking disinfectant after US President Donald Trump's comments about killing COVID-19, golf influencer Tisha Alyn has issued her own public service announcement.

Alyn hopped onto her Instagram to warn her followers not to drink bleach and antibacterial products, using a rework of the DJ Casper hit, "Cha Cha Slide" to remind people to wash their hands instead.

"This is a PSA - reminder that ingesting disinfectant/bleach is BAD for you. Just wash your damn hands!" she declared.

"Bringing out the Filipino in me with the line dances and medical care practices, lol," she continued.

"Stay safe everyone and in case you forgot how to wash your hands properly, here’s a fun way to get it done."

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According to reports, the state emergency hotline in Maryland received more than 100 calls following President Trump's comments suggesting disinfectant could be a potential "cure" for the coronavirus.

The huge influx of emergency calls forced state officials to release an emergency alert to confirm that "under no circumstances should any disinfectant product be administered into the body through injection, ingestion or any other route."

And upon seeing the news Alyn decided to pitch in with some light-hearted advice of her own as she shared her dance routine with her 158,000 followers.

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