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Kadyrov vs Emelianenko? Chechen leader challenges Alexander Emelianenko to MMA or boxing match in Instagram post (VIDEO)

Kadyrov vs Emelianenko? Chechen leader challenges Alexander Emelianenko to MMA or boxing match in Instagram post (VIDEO)
We've seen plenty of big-fight callouts in 2019, but perhaps the most unexpected challenge has been laid down with just a few days remaining this year, with Ramzan Kadyrov seemingly challenging Alexander Emelianenko to a fight.

The Chechen leader took to his Instagram page to issue his challenge as he suggested that he would be keen to face off against the fearsome former PRIDE heavyweight, and brother of MMA all-time great Fedor Emelianenko, under either mixed martial arts or boxing rules.

"What do you think, friends?" he asked in his video.

"At which arena our fight with Alexander Emelianenko will look the best, where each of us has more chances to win? On a hard canvas of an uncompromising MMA cage, or is it better to measure our strength in the best traditions of the boxing classics, while 'floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee?'

"On my side, I can tell that I am determined to give our friend a masterclass in any form. At the same time, I will try to make sure that my class won’t be a long or a boring one. Well, what are your thoughts?"

The surprising post came with an accompanying status message that read: "Salaam Alaikum, good evening to everyone. There is a new trend in (Russian) sports - every other person is calling out Alexander Emelianenko for a fight.

"I decided to do it as well, although I haven’t made up my mind about the format yet. But in advance I invited the president of the boxing Federation (of Chechnya) and the president of the (MMA) Akhmat Club. So what do you think? Boxing or MMA?"

Is the callout for real? Could the fight actually become a reality in 2020? And if it did, could the 43-year-old Head of the Chechen Republic really hold his own against seasoned fighter and noted knockout artist Emelianenko, who is five years his junior?

It's certainly something to ponder as we prepare for another crazy year of combat sports in 2020.

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