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Here weed go! Tottenham chairman reveals how they discovered illegal marijuana operation in warehouse during new stadium build

Here weed go! Tottenham chairman reveals how they discovered illegal marijuana operation in warehouse during new stadium build
Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has admitted that a sophisticated marijuana operation was underway in a warehouse owned by the club, and that the club was targeted in revenge attacks once they alerted the authorities.

In an interview with English media, Levy told of how the club purchased various properties around the site of their recent stadium redevelopment in the case that they be of use in the future but one in particular was hiding some very valuable contraband inside.

He said that the club began to think that there was something unusual about a particular warehouse - one of around 80 properties which came into their possession - when they realized that it had been bolted shut from the inside.

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Once they prized the doors open, a marijuana grow farm was discovered.

"We discovered it had been bolted shut from the inside and when we finally got in we found three acres of cannabis growing in there," Levy said.

"We obviously had to call the police."

However, the saga didn't end there for the Spurs hierarchy as Levy revealed that some of the club's other properties were then targeted in revenge attacks, presumably by the culprits behind the weed farm.

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"The next thing we knew we were victims of a revenge attack when the water pipes on the properties we owned down the High Road were cut, which flooded them all," he said.

Tottenham Hotspur stadium was opened at the tail end of last season after prolonged delays postponed the original opening date. Its capacity of over 63,000 makes it the largest club stadium in the English capital. It replaced White Hart Lane as Spurs' home stadium which had a capacity of just over 36,000.