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9 Dec, 2019 11:34

'The most painful move in fighting!' Bryce Mitchell sinks in ultra-rare TWISTER submission at UFC DC

'The most painful move in fighting!' Bryce Mitchell sinks in ultra-rare TWISTER submission at UFC DC

UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell landed just the second 'Twister' submission in UFC history at the organization's event in Washington DC on Saturday as he extended his undefeated run to an impressive 12-0.

The move, which contorts your opponent's back, neck and limbs into an obscene angle, was the brainchild of Tenth Planet Jiu Jitsu head Eddie Bravo and has been seen just once in the octagon before when 'Korean Zombie' Chan Sung Jung used the same technique to coax a tap from Leonard Garcia in 2011. 

Mitchell, who also goes by the name 'Thug Nasty', was awarded $50,000 performance bonus for successfully implementing the maneuver on his opponent Matt Sayles. 

It was another impressive win from the 25-year-old whose three UFC opponents to date have all come from respected gyms Team Alpha Male, The MMA Lab and Alliance MMA. 

Mitchell was utterly dominant throughout the brief fight, taking Sayles down early and controlling the position throughout. He saw the opening for the Twister, attempting to position Sayles' arm behind his head before applying the necessary pressure to finish the submission.

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The move has been described by Jiu Jitsu experts as one of, if not the, most painful submission move in mixed martial arts and grappling as a whole. Much like (relatively) similar techniques such as a calf-slicer, the Twister doesn't directly attack a joint or an artery in the same fashion that a regular choke or armbar might - instead, it causes extreme discomfort and the sensation that your spine is being 'twisted' inside your torso. 

With that in mind, it comes as absolutely no surprise that Sayles was forced to tap - nor do the extra 50 grand in Mitchell's bank account.