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Post-match handshake turns into INSANE mass brawl at high school basketball game (VIDEO)

Post-match handshake turns into INSANE mass brawl at high school basketball game (VIDEO)
A high school basketball game in Phoenix, Arizona descended into chaos after players of both teams became embroiled in a huge fight right after a postgame handshake.

Saturday’s game between Mesa Skyline High School and Cesar Chavez High School took an unexpected turn when players were lining up for the traditional post-match handshake.

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After Skyline beat Cesar Chavez, 63-57, the majority of match participants greeted each other in a friendly manner, until a student from Chavez unexpectedly punched a Skyline opponent sparking an insane fight at Phoenix Central High School's gymnasium.

The physical altercation between the two players quickly escalated into a massive brawl involving players of both teams, staff members and spectators, some of whom tried to pull the fighters apart.

Police were called to the scene to calm down the infuriated players, but according to local reports no arrests were made afterwards.

It was a terrible scene,” Skyline coach James Capriotti said. “It was a really bad look after a really good game.”

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Just unfortunate a good game like that between two of the top 10 teams goes down like that,” he added.

As a result of the brawl, Cesar Chavez High School will forfeit a game scheduled for Friday with all players involved in the brawl being handed a three-game suspension.