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11 Nov, 2019 13:15

Move over McNugget & McChicken - Dublin pub ditches Conor McGregor-named pizza as he’s ‘not a good person’

Move over McNugget & McChicken - Dublin pub ditches Conor McGregor-named pizza as he’s ‘not a good person’

A pub and restaurant in Conor McGregor’s Dublin home town have ditched a pizza named in his honor from their menu after claiming the UFC supremo is “not a good person” due to a series of out-of-the-octagon misdemeanors.

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While McGregor’s name has been frequently related to food by rivals of the former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion - it is usually ‘McNugget’ and ‘McChicken’ that are the most common nosh-related nicknames.

The Back Page pub in the Phibsborough suburb of the Republic of Ireland capital, offer a range of pizzas named after sports stars who are also popular cult figures, such as Ayrton Senna, Goran Ivanisevic and Ferenc Puskas, as well as local names like track and field star Sonia O’Sullivan.

Up until recently, the establishment sold a ‘Conor McGregor’ option which consisted of mozzarella, chorizo and pepperoni, but have since renamed the dish in favor of two-weight world champion boxer and Olympic gold medalist Katie Taylor, The Irish Sun reports.

According to a source, “they changed the name because McGregor is not a good person.” It is believed the decision is due to a string of misdemeanors including punching an elderly punter at another Dublin pub in April for refusing to try his own-brand ‘Proper 12’ whiskey.

McGregor, 31, apologized for that incident, saying “what I did was wrong” but it was the latest in a long line of assaults and arrests. In March, McGregor was arrested for breaking a phone belonging to a fan.

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And of course, who could forget McGregor’s attack on a bus carrying UFC fighters, including Russian rival Khabib Nurmagomedov in Brooklyn in 2018.

It seems those incidents have finally taken their toll with the public and publicans alike, with eateries now even refusing to associate their pizzas with the fighter - but perhaps McGregor will appreciate finally a break in having his name associated with fast food delicacies.