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KS-eye: 11,000 fans watch KSI vs Logan Paul live stream via REFLECTION in fan's glasses

KS-eye: 11,000 fans watch KSI vs Logan Paul live stream via REFLECTION in fan's glasses
Whenever there's a pay-per-view event, there's always people online who look for a way around paying for the official stream. And one fan came up with an incredibly inventive way to share the fight online.

The unnamed fan set up a live stream on YouTube, showing the live footage of the fight via the reflection in his glasses.

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The YouTuber in question smartly didn't label his video as a live stream, as it would have resulted in the post being taken down and a copyright strike (or worse) given to his account.

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Instead, he labeled it as a fight reaction video, which saw it avoid the pirate chasers and allowed him to show the fight to thousands of fans for free.

Incredibly, 11,000 fans joined the stream to watch the fight in this unique way, with fans posting messages in the chat to tell the fan: "Don't move, bro" and "Stop moving ur head..."

While some critiqued the fan for his unusual method of sharing the stream, another simply wanted to say thank you, posting: "your a legend bro".

And although the mystery streamer's identity is unknown, he was certainly a YouTube hero to thousands of fans as his ingenuity helped fans follow their favorite personalities go toe-to-toe in Los Angles.

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