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8 Nov, 2019 16:01

Watch Italian football presenter mastering pole-dancing moves to imitate Jennifer Lopez in stripper movie ‘Hustlers’ (VIDEO)

Watch Italian football presenter mastering pole-dancing moves to imitate Jennifer Lopez in stripper movie ‘Hustlers’ (VIDEO)

Italian football presenter Diletta Leotta has taken pole-dance lessons after being inspired by American actor and singer Jennifer Lopez, who played the role of a striptease dancer in the new crime drama movie ‘Hustlers.’

The blonde stunner attempted to imitate the gravity-defying moves performed by Lopez in the movie, which centers around night club dancers who emptied the bank accounts of New York’s rich men.

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Leotta posted a video of her training in pole-dance skills along with a coach who is teaching the Serie A TV host to make ankle and knee hooks on a steel pole.

The video contains scenes from the movie showing Lopez, nicknamed JLo, nailing her steamy routine under the neon lights of the night club.

“Pole dance lessons ahead of @leragazzediwallstreet with @jlo. Now I’m ready to watch the movie,” Leotta wrote on her instagram page, on which she also shared her pole dance lessons.

The 28-year-old, who is a high-profile media figure in her homeland, had previously been embroiled in a controversy after football fans asked her to bare her breasts during a local game she was covering.

Leotta, who works for the DAZN sports-streaming service, perfectly handled the bizarre situation, simply laughing off the fans’ implorations.

She later revealed that she had not been offended by the chants, which she treated as a joke.