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4 Nov, 2019 12:22

‘It’s not filthy, it’s spectacular!’ Pole dancer crowned local ‘Booty Slapping’ queen as sport thrives in Russia (VIDEO)

‘It’s not filthy, it’s spectacular!’ Pole dancer crowned local ‘Booty Slapping’ queen as sport thrives in Russia (VIDEO)

Booty slapping competitions continue to gain popularity in Russia with the latest event being held in Omsk, where a professional pole dancer was crowned local queen of the brand-spanking new sport.

The unusual competition was included in the program of the Western Siberia Power-lifting Cup held over the weekend in the city of Omsk.

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The inaugural championship was won by Elena Mishagina, a pole dancer who decided to test her skills in a sport where female competitors strike each other on the backside.

The rules of Booty Slapping contests are simple: competitors take it in turns to slap each other on the backside until someone’s slap knocks their opponent off balance.

The winner of the contest was chosen by spectators, who unanimously crowned Mishagina as the new Booty Slapping queen of Omsk.

Following the competition Mishagina said that she was happy to take first place, revealing however that her “bottom was burning” from the heavy spanks inflicted by other competitors.

Nobody dared to stage such kind of competitions in Omsk, because people thought it’s filthy. But this is no way filthy, it’s just spectacular,” said the organizers of the event.

In June, Russia’s first Booty Slapping competition was held at the annual Yashankin Cup, which also saw another unusual variation of the extremely popular male-slapping tournament. It was won by Anastasia Zolotaya of Nizhny Novgorod.