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28 Oct, 2019 12:33

'What a legend': Baseball fan lauded for keeping hold of two beers while taking home run drive to the gut (VIDEO)

'What a legend': Baseball fan lauded for keeping hold of two beers while taking home run drive to the gut (VIDEO)

Beer-drinkers are well known for having an iron gut and that was especially true for a Washington Nationals fan who took a shot to the midsection after a Houston Astros home run during Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday.

Impressively, the fan appeared to save both of the beers he was carrying after being forced into a split second decision as to whether to protect his torso or his beverages - and in the end, he chose the latter.

Yordan Alvarez' left center-field shot resulted in a two-run homer for the Astros in the crucial fifth game of the series but perhaps more memorable was the supporter's reaction - or lack thereof - when the ball came winging his way. 

Perhaps a less quick-thinking fan may have panicked, resulting in the immediate area around him being soaked in suds but any fear of coating his neighbors in beer were put to rest by his apparently selfless reaction. That, or those beers had accumulated to the point of him being unaware of the situation until the last moment.

Either way, the fan has been heralded by fellow baseball fans on social media for his beer preservation skills.

However, this may have been the high point of the evening for Nationals fans who saw their time lose the game 7-1 to hand the Astros a 3-2 series lead ahead of Wednesday's game six. 

The game was also notable for boos directed at President Donald Trump when he was featured on the big screen inside the stadium.

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