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20 Oct, 2019 12:16

‘Destroying women's sports’: Fury after transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon defends world title

‘Destroying women's sports’: Fury after transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon defends world title

Canadian transgender athlete Rachel McKinnon defended the women’s sprint title at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships, causing outrage on social media as many labeled the win “unfair” and “discriminatory.”

The 37-year-old produced a dominant performance in Manchester, winning the women’s 200m sprint in the 35-39 category and defending the world title she claimed last year in the same event.

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McKinnon, who had also set a new world best time in qualifying, beat Dawn Orwick of the USA and Denmark's Kirsten Herup Sovang, who settled for silver and bronze respectively.

The Canadian cyclist’s triumph caused outrage among sports fans, with the most vocal critics continuing to insist that transgender athletes who were born biological males should not be allowed to take part in women’s events.


This male cyclist McKinnon has become a world champion racing against woman, and setting a new record time that no real woman will ever break,” one person wrote.

Another male destroying woman's sports, so useless to compete in male sports they become champions in woman's, it's cheating and unfair.”

This is unfair on the female competitors,” another comment read.

Destroying women’s sports , I feel sorry for these female athletes having to compete on unfair playing field , first wave feminism is turning in its grave,” one more person added.

Some users suggested that McKinnon intentionally chose the women’s category after being unable to compete against male competitors.

Man who can’t beat men in his chosen sport, beats woman in her chosen sport,” a user fumed.

Women who used to identify as men shouldn’t be allowed to compete against women,” one more user added.

Before the race, McKinnon defended her right to compete alongside female rivals, insisting that “preventing trans women from competing is denying their human rights.”