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WATCH: Bizarre scenes as Mexican football team concede two goals while standing motionless in protest at unpaid wages

WATCH: Bizarre scenes as Mexican football team concede two goals while standing motionless in protest at unpaid wages
Mexican football team Veracruz staged a silent protest on the field against unpaid wages, an act which cost them two unanswered goals scored by opponents during the boycott.

Veracruz players refused to move for the first four minutes of their home game against Tigres on Friday, in a bid to draw public attention to the problem that they have not been paid their salaries at the club.

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While the players stood motionless, their opponents took full advantage, scoring twice goals in the opening minutes – having also joined in the protest for the first minute of the match.

The hosts, who started playing only after conceding the second goal, pulled a goal back but ended up losing 3-1.

"The players wanted to send a message that wasn't discussed, but they are in their right," said Veracruz owner Fidel Kuri. "We were once again the joke of the nation, or the world with this topic."

Tigres captain Guido Pizarro said at the post-match press conference that they were aware of the protest, adding that their opponents should have started competing after an agreed one-minute boycott.

Pizzaro noted that Tigres didn’t expect that the protest would be for longer than one minute, explaining their decision to start playing while Veracruz players were still standing still.

"For them to make us responsible for a protest that they were making to their president I think is an error," said Pizarro.

"We came here, respected what they put in the group (about a one-minute protest) ... and went through with it."