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25 Sep, 2019 14:16

They see me rolling: Drunk Czech linesman sways & sprawls near pitch while officiating youth football game (VIDEO)

They see me rolling: Drunk Czech linesman sways & sprawls near pitch while officiating youth football game (VIDEO)

Czech linesman Milan Sefara has become an internet star after a video of him officiating at a youth game was widely shared on social media which shows him constantly stumbling and falling near the edge of the pitch.

The assistant referee was officiating a youth match between Beroun and Slany on Sunday, when giggling fans attending the game caught his pitchside acrobatics on camera.

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The hilarious footage shows the referee stumbling around as he tries to walk along the line.

The video culminates with Sefara sprawling on the field while attempting to follow the counter-attack of one of the teams.

The linesman clumsily gets to his feet before falling down again, accompanied by thunderous laughter from the stands.

Sefara, who was visibly drunk, caused an outrage in the Czech Republic, with local football officials condemning the linesman for his “unacceptable” behavior.

The behavior of referee Milan Šefara is completely unacceptable. On behalf of the Referee Commission of the Central Bohemian Regional Football Association, I can say that I cannot imagine his further involvement in the competitions,” said Pavel Mareš, chairman of the Central Bohemian Judges Committee.

There is no excuse or attenuating circumstance for his conduct and behavior,” he added.