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3 Sep, 2019 17:17

Fighting dirty: Feminists are replacing ring girls with men to create the patriarchy they crave

Fighting dirty: Feminists are replacing ring girls with men to create the patriarchy they crave

As if tired of ‘the patriarchy’ having all the fun in taking jobs away from women, radical feminists last week canceled ‘objectifying’ boxing ring girls and replaced them with their sworn enemy: white middle-aged men in suits.

We’ve all heard those age-old feminist moans and groans about men with no previous experience or qualifications taking jobs away from women because of their boundless ‘privilege’.

Now the radicals have doubled down on their endless quest to prove women are equal to their patriarchal oppressors, by themselves actively putting women out of work at the expense of white, middle-aged men, after boxing promoters in Australia banned ring girls after caving to pressure from local councillors and female advocate groups that the role “objectifies women.”

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Ring girl trio Tammy Bills, Demey Maconachie and Kalista Thomas were knocked out of the ‘Battle of Bendigo’ boxing show in Bendigo, Victoria, on Saturday in favor of male ‘fight progress managers’ (yes, you read that correctly) for the evening.

The bleating about sexism had originated from local councillors Yvonne Wrigglesworth and Jennifer Alden, the latter having blasted: “Being respectful of women is key to eliminating other forms of violence, especially violence towards women and children,” while Wrigglesworth argued "stereotypes of this nature was not respectful of women."

Promoter Dean Lonergan, to his credit, expressed bewilderment and "disappointment," but nonetheless yielded to the criticism.

But what Wrigglesworth, Alden and the rest of the PC-mad mob don’t realize is that in their radical rally against female objectification, they have treated a group of women as no more than mere dispensable objects to be replaced by men without any regard for their commitment to securing a job.

Heaven forbid a woman may actually use her own initiative to gain employment without the go-ahead from the ‘sisterhood of everyday sexism’ who can, in one fell swoop of self-righteousness, expel any woman rebelling against the strict laws of feminism by daring to support herself under her own capabilities.

Sure, a requirement of the ring girl job is to be attractive, but providing baying fans a break from the bloodlust with some much-needed beauty in between rounds is surely less objectifying than two men stripping to the waist and beating each other senseless for entertainment.

In some cases, ring girls are paid much more handsomely than male fighters on the cards they work - earning around $20,000 a year for a role in the UFC, according to FOX Sports. It’s no secret SJWs love to debate the gender pay gap, but it seems that only applies when women are earning money through methods deemed appropriate by feminists.

It would appear profiting through your physical attributes and promoting violence are acceptable only when it fits the radical agenda, because banning women in boxing would be discriminatory, but when feminists do the same it's deemed progressive.


Serving as further proof of the double standards, not one of the woke brigade claiming they were campaining to end violence against women took objection to the four female boxers competing on the card, who were also wearing much less clothing than any scheduled ring girl.

Between the rounds of those bouts, one fight progress manager (again, you read correctly) clearly found the debacle humorous, being photographed unable to stifle his giggles as he clumsily sauntered around the ring holding aloft his card.

Fully dressed in a suit, not really putting the required effort into his duties and, to top it all off, literally laughing at having taken a job from a woman despite his lack of previous experience and suitability for the role, he looked every inch the embodiment of a target for feminist angst. But it's ok, because he wasn't there because of the patriarchy.

Sadly, such backwards thinking is now the new norm. Radical feminism has lost so much credibility through its own warped morals it has even ceased to resemble a parody of itself and instead is now word for word carrying out the duties of what it seeks to abolish.

The bizarre world of new wave feminism doesn’t want equality, it doesn’t want an end to female objectification and it certainly doesn’t want liberation for women. What it wants, what it craves, is the power to enforce rigid rules in a dictatorial social structure that mirrors the all-oppressive patriarchy they claim to be fighting against, simply with the roles reversed.

By Danny Armstrong

Danny Armstrong is a British journalist based in Moscow, Russia, who has worked for RT since 2016 as a sports writer, reporter and presenter