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18 Aug, 2019 14:53

Irish boxer details furious phone call from 'bully' Conor McGregor after social media callout

Irish boxer details furious phone call from 'bully' Conor McGregor after social media callout

'Cool Hand' Luke Keeler says an angry Conor McGregor phoned him after he made comments on social media criticizing the Irish UFC star's actions following the recent footage showing him appearing to punch a man in a Dublin pub.

Keeler, who is 17-2-1 in the professional boxing ranks, says he is open to a 'Battle of Dublin' with McGregor after the former UFC champion phoned him in response to comments Keeler made on social media regarding the footage which was released last week by TMZ. 

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CCTV from inside the Marble Arch pub in Dublin from last April appeared to show McGregor strike a punter after he reportedly refused an offer of a free glass of his Proper Twelve brand of Irish whiskey. 

"Sad to see @TheNotoriousMMA stoop so low, did the same to a friend of mine couple of years ago and still walking around acting the gangster, I’d be happy to put him in his place if he had the balls to step in a ring again?" Keeler wrote on Twitter last week, but apparently, the challenge wasn't appreciated by the mixed martial artists and one-time professional boxer McGregor.

And now, Keeler says that moves have been made to secure high profile boxing match between the two.

Speaking to Irish-Boxing.com, Keeler said: "I don’t mind calling out a bully – and that is what he is. As I said, I’d be happy to put him in his place. I just think that behavior isn’t right, especially from someone who knows how to use his fists and knows the damage that can be done. Plus, like I said in the tweet, it wasn’t the first time he has done something like that.

"Well, he called me and he certainly wanted to fight me then. I don't know how much he meant that and (if he) really wants to fight. If it’s money he needs, well I am sure any fight McGregor is in would generate a few bob for him. I think there would be an interest in it. A battle of Dublin and a real fight. I wouldn’t look to carry him to make a show of it like Mayweather."

McGregor's pro boxing debut came almost exactly two years ago when he was defeated by 10th-round stoppage by multiple-time world champion Floyd Mayweather, a match which Keeler described as little more than an 'exhibition'.

"With pride on the line I’d look to take him out," Keeler added.

"Fans would get to see what he is like in a real fight, not an exhibition. Plus, let him beat a ranked fighter before he starts looking for all these big-name stars. If he wants a big name let him earn it like the rest of us have to.

"I'd smash him up. He fought a 40-year-old welterweight who carried him for a few rounds then gassed because doesn’t live the life anymore as everyone knows. He will never have balls to step in the ring again but I’ll be there if he does.

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"The Irish public have turned their backs on him and it would generate huge money - people will pay to see him smashed up."

Keeler would certainly present a significant challenge to McGregor. He scored the biggest victory of his career earlier this month when he defeated the highly-touted Luis Arias by decision in Northern Ireland.