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15 Aug, 2019 13:45

Crazy Conor: 4 big moments when UFC superstar McGregor lost the plot

Crazy Conor: 4 big moments when UFC superstar McGregor lost the plot

Over the last couple of years, some of the biggest stories involving ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor have had little to do with his own fighting career. Here are four big moments when he hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.


In November 2017, McGregor jumped the gun – and the fence – when teammate Charlie Ward was fighting John Redmond at Bellator 187 in Dublin, and ended up face to face with referee Marc Goddard.

Ward knocked out Redmond with a shot just as the bell sounded to end the round, and McGregor immediately jumped the cage fence to celebrate with his good friend.

There were various issues with this. Firstly, McGregor wasn't a licensed cornerman for the event, and therefore had no place being in the cage at all. And secondly, the fight wasn't officially declared over, as referee Goddard was attempting to ascertain whether the knockout blow occurred before or after the bell. Medics were also attending to Redmond inside the cage.

But McGregor's exuberance got the better of him when he charged at referee Goddard, who had initially attempted to break up McGregor and Ward's celebrations to get the UFC star out of the cage. McGregor then shoved the official before eventually being ushered out of the cage.

McGregor wasn't finished there, though, as he then walked around the edge of the cage and continued his celebrations before slapping the face of a commissioner who attempted to stop him.


The biggest – and worst – of McGregor's high-profile indiscretions, McGregor's decision to round up a gang of friends, jump on a private jet and fly to New York before attacking a UFC minibus containing a host of fighters at the Barclays Center, not only landed him in the headlines, but also behind bars after his arrest by the NYPD.

The infamous incident in April 2018 saw McGregor throw a loading trolley into the window of the minibus, showering glass on a number of fighters inside, including Michael Chiesa, who later launched a lawsuit against the Irishman as a result of the attack.

McGregor was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief, but avoided jail time after his legal team negotiated a plea deal with the court and was ordered to undertake anger management classes, as well as a period of community service.


In March 2019, McGregor was arrested outside a Miami Beach nightclub after allegedly stealing a man's mobile phone before smashing it on the ground.

Footage was subsequently released showing McGregor taking exception to being filmed by a fan outside the club, as he swatted the phone out of his hand, then proceeded to stamp on it on the ground.

It led to McGregor being arrested and charged with strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief. The man whose phone was stolen and smashed launched a civil lawsuit, before eventually dropping the legal action against the Dubliner.

The criminal charges were later dismissed as a result of the victim's change of heart, meaning McGregor went unpunished for the incident.


In April this year, McGregor's offer of free Proper Twelve whiskey to a host of pubgoers in Dublin wasn't universally welcomed, as one man preferred to sit at the bar and enjoy his pint instead.

There were suggestions the man may have said some negative words about McGregor's whiskey brand, and then mocked the Irishman for losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It led to McGregor throwing a left hand at the pubgoer before he was dragged out of the bar. The footage eventually found its way into the hands of TMZ, who shared the footage with the world.

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