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'One game for punching a woman': Fury as college football star gets minimal ban after assault charge

'One game for punching a woman': Fury as college football star gets minimal ban after assault charge
Pooka Williams, the star running back for college football team the Kansas Jayhawks, was in essence suspended for just one game following domestic battery charges over an incident last December, prompting anger online.

Williams, who is considered a certainty to be a high selection when he enters the NFL Draft, reached a domestic violence diversion agreement with the Douglas County district attorney's office in March following his arrest three months' prior after an 18-year-old student he was dating alleged that he punched her in the stomach and grabbed her throat.

The Kansas City Post obtained an affidavit which says that the woman in question has text messages from the player in which he admits to striking her, while a police officer who examined her concluded that bruising was apparent. 

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As a result of the incident, Williams was suspended from all team activities for a period of seven months, meaning that he is barred from attending any official events related to his team including games, training and promotional events.

However, this suspension was ended by the team on Monday - though they have levied a one-game suspension at the player, meaning he will miss the season opener with Indiana State.

"My behavior was unacceptable, and I'm very sorry to those who were impacted by my poor choices," Williams said in a statement.

"I am disappointed in myself, not just as a man, but as a student-athlete looked up to by younger kids. My suspension from football has been hard, but I have learned from it. I'm thankful I can continue with my education at KU," he added. 

Despite the apology, some fans have remarked that because the incident and subsequent investigation took place in the off-season, Williams will be effectively free to play the entire upcoming season with the exception of his single-game ban.

The Jayhawks were keen to add that Williams has agreed to a number of stipulations, such as participating in a domestic violence assessment, serve community service, attend anger management and steer clear of recreational drugs and alcohol. 

"Pooka has taken responsibility for his actions and we are happy he is back with the team," Jayhawks coach Les Miles said in a statement. "This young man has learned much throughout this process and we will support him as he continues working through the required educational and accountability steps."

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