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25 Jun, 2019 11:29

'Naughty round of golf': UK company offers event with naked women and 'forbidden pleasures'

'Naughty round of golf': UK company offers event with naked women and 'forbidden pleasures'

A UK firm which arranges golf events has announced it will a men-only tournament that will include “topless buggy ladies, a foam party and wet t-shirt competition.”

The event, titled 'Big Boy And Bigger Golf Day' is expected to be held at a golf course in Essex on August 16.

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The unusual tournament which the organizers, 4Play Productions, qualified as "don’t tell your wife you were here" event promises 30 "very sexy and nude" women and 300 liters of free drinks.

"We pride ourselves in offering the 'boys' a very naughty round of golf and an overall super sexy day filled with forbidden pleasures. Oh, and also you get to play golf!" the organizers said on their website.

The upcoming event was met with mixed reactions in the UK with representatives of women’s golf condemning the competition which they claim helps promote sexualisation of women.

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"It’s a shame that women do this type of work and that organizers think it’s acceptable to hire women to parade and sex up the fairways rather than encouraging them to play on them instead," said Alison Root, editor of Women & Golf magazine.

"The industry is working very hard to promote equality and inclusivity in the game, as due to golf’s heritage it has long been perceived as a men-only sport," she added.

However, restoring the gender balance, the same company is also planning an 'all women golf day' a week before the all men event, which offers a "personal butler boy" and "many many more surprises".