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20 Jun, 2019 17:48

Hot Damn! Meet martial arts maestro & Balkan beauty Sara Damnjanović

Hot Damn! Meet martial arts maestro & Balkan beauty Sara Damnjanović

Serbia’s Sara Damnjanović might just be the most dangerous weather girl in the world. The Balkan beauty and taekwondo black belt has garnered online fame for her jaw-dropping trick-shot-style kicks and outstanding figure.

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Black belt Damnjanović is by day a weather reporter but is also a force on the full-contact taekwondo circuit, having already made a name for herself by medaling at the U21 European Taekwondo championships in 2015.

With just one look at her Instagram page, it’s not hard to see why there is so much buzz around the 21-year-old. The martial arts maestro regularly posts clips of her daring kicks and eye-watering flexibility to her 500,000 followers.

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Damnjanović can be seen laying into focus mitts with her trainer or contorting her body in the gym as well as pinging everyday objects such as water bottles from uncompromising positions such as on top of people’s heads.

But that isn’t all. The fighter and part-time fitness model is far from just a pretty face and even bested a professional strongman in a challenge to lift up a metal parking barrier using just her legs.

Damnjanović is also an ardent fan of football, claiming, “I played soccer all my life. These days, I play it whenever I have free time. I also love watching soccer matches.”

That statement rang true when Damnjanović played football on company time by slipping on a Serbia national team shirt on TV and skillfully executing kick-ups before a weather broadcast last summer in honor of the team’s Russia World Cup 2018 participation.

The 5ft 4in, 115 lbs powerhouse even expertly swatted away incoming footballs with her trademark strikes. Perhaps the best example of brain meets brawn meets beauty wearing a gi or toherwise, Damnjanović has her own personalized YouTube channel which includes all of her kick tricks and TV pranks in one bite-size condensed clip.