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14 Jun, 2019 19:58

Fans let off steam as Nike unveils new Air Max women's shoe which resembles an IRON

Fans let off steam as Nike unveils new Air Max women's shoe which resembles an IRON

The brand new Nike Air Max FF 720 women's shoe which is set to be released this month has come under fire online as sports fans pointed out that the design of the trainer resembles that of an iron.

The trainer, which is sponsored by England football international Fran Kirby, sports two cut-outs and a clear plastic sole - features which, when combined, appear to make the design close to that of the household appliance.

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And despite the association with Kirby, as well as tennis star Laura Robson, accusations of sexism have been levied at Nike for the design as a result.

A spokesperson for Not Buying It, a feminist watchdog group, suggested that the design of the shoe was offensive to women.

"I'm sure they’ll be doing this for men too, of course," she said via The Mirror.

"Maybe it could be paired up with some 'extreme ironing' - you know, when people, mostly blokes, iron while sky diving.

Several others have taken to social media to vent at the potentially offensive trainer.

The shoe is "unlike anything we have ever seen", said Ross Dwyer of the Sneaker News publication, describing the design as "ladies-only shoes/sandals/wearable concepts."

Nike has come under fire several times in recent months for what some see as insensitive and haphazard designs in some of their marquee shoes.

A recent shoe which had the word 'Allah' written in Arabic on the sole was described as "blasphemous and offensive," while an all-white cotton trainer released during Black History Month also came under fire.

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