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28 May, 2019 16:53

Clash of the titans! Russian slap champ 'The Dumpling' takes on foot-long bicep guy 'Bazooka Arms'

Clash of the titans! Russian slap champ 'The Dumpling' takes on foot-long bicep guy 'Bazooka Arms'

Russian slapping champion Vasiliy 'The Dumpling' Kamotskiy proved he's ready to take on all comers in his quest to be recognized as the ultimate slapper, taking on Kirill 'Bazooka Arms' Tereshin, the man with foot long biceps.

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Siberian Vasiliy is known for his unrivaled slapping force, having gone viral by winning the inaugural championships at the 2019 Siberian Power Show in March. Since then, Kamotskiy enjoyed international fame, gaining recognition from Joe Rogan of the MMA world.

Vasiliy, a farmer by trade, was called out by YouTuber Logan Paul for a duel in the Russian city Tver, but the latter announced he would not participate, due to fears over "serious injury", to which Vasiliy replied by calling him a "pussy".

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This time, Vasiliy took on Tereshin, who goes by the name 'Bazooka Arms'. Pyatigorsk native Tereshin made headlines as a ‘wannabe-Hercules’ who craved attention so desperately that he underwent synthol drug injections that gave him foot-long biceps.

He has subsequently made a string of 'amusing' videos on his Instagram page, regularly posting clips to his 461,000 followers in collaboration with other 'personalities' of equal z-list fame.

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The two were taking part in the 'Faces of Stone' tournament which saw much Tereshin predictably failed to make Kamotskiy such as flinch with his slaps, whereas The Dumpling's strikes proves too much for his pumped up opponent, sending him sprawling to the floor with the first hit and thus winning the fight.

Despite suffering a literal smackdown, Tereshin wrote on Instagram urging his followers to vote on whether they would like to see him partake in a cage fight. “What do you think of my battle with the Dumpling? Would you want me to have a real cage fight, without judges or gloves?” he wrote.

Those replying 'yes' must surely not be fans but masochists.

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