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Nascar driver throws punches at opponent during All-Star Race (VIDEO)

Nascar driver throws punches at opponent during All-Star Race (VIDEO)
NASCAR drivers Clint Bowyer and Ryan Newman became embroiled in a fierce post-race fight at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday night, brawling right in the pit lane.

Tempers began to fray after the race when Newman tagged Bowyer in the rear bumper making the latter furious. The drivers had exchanged hits during the race with the controversy culminating at the cool-down lap when Bowyer decided to express his fury over the way Newman treated him on the track.

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After parking his car in the pit lane, Bowyer rushed to his opponent and landed several heavy punches at Newman while his helmet remained on.

The No. 14 chopped me down the front-straight away earlier in the race. If I wouldn’t have hit the brakes I would have turned him around,” Ryan Newman said after the race.

Then, after the race I just went up and chopped him in the back to let him know I didn’t appreciate the way he raced me. So, it doesn’t take much of a man to try and fight somebody with a helmet on. I think he should be embarrassed of himself,” he added.

Both drivers were called to the NASCAR hauler to talk with series officials. No penalties were imposed following the incident,