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25 Feb, 2019 11:13

'Mad Ninja': Brazil's Michel Pereira leaves MMA fans stunned with spectacular moves (VIDEO)

'Mad Ninja': Brazil's Michel Pereira leaves MMA fans stunned with spectacular moves (VIDEO)

Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter Michel "Demolidor" Pereira wowed the MMA world with an incredible display of crazy moves during his latest bout in South Korea at the weekend.

Pereira is a 25-year-old welterweight with a prolific 22-9 record. But while his winning ratio may not be spectacular, his moves inside the cage most certainly are.

Pereira's approach to his fights seems to be similar to a child playing a video game: use as many spectacular moves as possible, one after the other.

The latest example of Pereira's crazy fighting style was on show at the weekend in an openweight bout at Road FC 52 in Seoul, South Korea, when he defeated Dae Sun Kim via TKO thanks to some punishing knees.

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But while his finish came via a relatively rudimentary technique, his performance was anything but orthodox, as the Brazilian produced an incredible series of moves, including one moment when he dropped his opponent with a spinning hook kick to the body and launched himself off the cage in an unsuccessful attempt to pass Kim's guard.

But that wasn't enough for Pereira, who got straight back to his feet, scaled the cage and attempted a professional wrestling-style moonsault.

It led one martial arts website to describe him as a "mad ninja," while other fans posted their approval for the Brazilian's crazy moves.

One said: "This is better than [I've] ever seen in the UFC for years, Michel Pereira is my new favorite fighter."

Another said: "Michel Pereira is hands down one of the most entertaining fighters in the world. Name another guy that does backflips into head stomps....I'll wait"

And one longtime fan said he'd love to see Pereira go toe to toe with the UFC's wildest performer, Cuban middleweight Yoel Romero.

Pereira's performance was nothing new for the Brazilian. His July 2018 outing against Hae Jun Yang was equally chaotic as he unleashed a plethora of made-up-on-the-spot moves on his opponent.

Some of the steps almost certainly wouldn't be permitted under the Unified Rules of MMA employed by the likes of the UFC and Bellator MMA, but over in Asia, where the rulesets can be a little more "relaxed," the likes of Pereira have the license to get creative and produce performances like this.

And if the 25-year-old continues to bust out the craziness each time he fights, expect him to build up a considerable fanbase as people tune in to see what he'll try next inside the cage.