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FC Nantes face new financial woes amid Emiliano Sala fee dispute as offices raided by tax police

FC Nantes face new financial woes amid Emiliano Sala fee dispute as offices raided by tax police
The Paris National Public Prosecutor's Office has confirmed the opening of a case of alleged tax evasion against FC Nantes owner Waldemar Kita amid an ongoing dispute with Cardiff City over the transfer payments for Emiliano Sala.

Club offices in both Nantes and Paris were raided by tax officials on Tuesday as an investigation begins into Kita's financial dealings, reports French media.

The development comes as Nantes and English Premier League side Cardiff City are currently embroiled in a dispute regarding the payment of the €17.2mln ($19.5mln) fee agreed by both clubs for the ill-fated transfer of Emiliano Sala last month.

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The Argentinian striker died in an aviation accident en route to Cardiff just days after signing a contract with the Welsh side.

However, it is not thought that the Tuesday's financial raids were related to the Sala transfer, or the dispute with Cardiff City.

Nantes have demanded the first payment be processed as agreed, though Cardiff representatives have delayed taking action as they investigate the various options available to them.

Cardiff chairman Mehmet Dalman recently told the Sunday Telegraph that he was unsure if Sala had been registered with his side at the time of his death. The club has written to Premier League sides Everton, Crystal Palace and West Ham United to ask if they had any interest in possibly signing the player last month.

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It comes amid allegations that the agent representing Sala, Willie McKay, may have misrepresented interest from various clubs to help generate the highest fee possible for the player's transfer.

Cardiff City are understood to be seeking more information on McKay and his relationship with the French side.