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23 Jan, 2019 00:37

'Lack of class': Ronaldo stirs anger with wrongly timed photo amid Sala's disappearance

'Lack of class': Ronaldo stirs anger with wrongly timed photo amid Sala's disappearance

Cristiano Ronaldo has come under fire on social media after posting a smiling selfie taken on a private jet, as an aircraft caring Cardiff City player Emiliano Sala went missing on Monday night.

It is known that Sala was on board of the single-engine aircraft which took off from Nantes in France on Monday and was bound for the Welsh capital of Cardiff.

The flight disappeared from the radars on the same night, with the chances of survival already being described as "unfortunately slim" by the search and rescue groups. "Floating objects" were reportedly being found during the search of the missing light aircraft.

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The disappearance of Sala, who was announced as Cardiff's £15 million record signing just last Saturday, has shocked the football world. It appeared that the Portuguese superstar, or at least his PR team, were not aware of the tragic news, as he posted a photo taken on a private jet on his social media profiles.

The awkwardly timed snap was also captioned with a grinning face, an airplane and a thumb up emojis, causing a wave of criticism from football fans.

Former England legend and TV football pundit Gary Lineker has also added his weight, pointing out the timing. 

Some of  the Twitter users also took a chance to remind their fellow football fans about Ronaldo's tax fraud case. In the latest development, the Portuguese footballer accepted a prearranged €18.8 million fine and a suspended 23-month sentence on Monday, so he had something to grin about.