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12 Jan, 2019 13:49

‘Cokehead lush with NO BALLS!’: Malignaggi responds to McGregor after Instagram video diss

‘Cokehead lush with NO BALLS!’: Malignaggi responds to McGregor after Instagram video diss

Motormouth New Yorker and ex world champ boxer Paulie Malignaggi has responded to former UFC champ Conor McGregor’s Instagram diss by branding the Irishman a “cokehead” with “absolutely no balls”.

The pair have enjoyed a heated rivalry ever since McGregor released footage of a sparring session between the two that appeared to show ‘The Notorious’ knocking down former IBF and WBA belt holder Malignaggi in the lead up to his fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

Sicilian-American Malignaggi was incensed as he claimed he was pushed and their very public and very protracted spat developed from there, with arguments over whether the full video will be released continuing today.

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Rumors of a bout between the two without sparring gear have surfaced in recent days, but Malignaggi was quick to rubbish the idea and accuse McGregor’s team of pushing gossip in a bid to stay relevant, calling the self-proclaimed ‘champ champ’ “the king of bullshit”.

In response, McGregor posted a clip on Saturday of when the two clashed at Toshiba Plaza, Las Vegas, in the build up to the Mayweather fight, together with a scathing attack on ‘The Magic Man’ and also Khabib Nurmagomedov, by whom he was defeated by 4th round submission in October, calling the two “broke bitches”.

Dubliner McGregor did however, go on record as saying he “liked” Malignaggi, who captured titles at light welterweight and welterweight in his ring heyday.

Within hours, Malignaggi fired back with the sharpness of his trademark jab of his fight days. While also saying he liked McGregor, the Brooklyn native launched into a scatching tirade accusing McGregor of being a “cokehead” with absolutely “no balls” as well as slam his “stupid motherf***er” fanbase.

“For a guy that posts about bitch or bitchin an awful lot, its seems this guy doesn't have a proper understanding of what the word means. So I found a recent clip of him exemplifying its definition in one cowardly act," Malignaggi exploded.

"Let the record show"that I do like Conor McGregor, everyone loves a piñata and him being combat sports official piñata there’s plenty of entertainment there. I give him credit though.

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“For a guy with absolutely NO BALLS, the woof tickets he sold to all you stupid motherfuckers in recent years is amazing. He’s got a great talent for being a great bullshit artist. U can be rich, but you def a bitch you cokehead lush. So don't let that shit you ingested on your Friday night cloud your memory of reality.”


The back and forth between the two brash pugilists is unlikely to end there and, if the spat gains enough public interest, it would be hard for McGregor to turn down the lure of another lucrative boxing showdown to settle a score, although it is highly unlikely any matchup with Malignaggi, who has been retired nearly two years, will hit the stratospheric heights of his Vegas bout with Mayweather.