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12 Jan, 2019 12:57

'Broke b*tches!': Conor McGregor blasts both Khabib & Malignaggi in social media rant

'Broke b*tches!': Conor McGregor blasts both Khabib & Malignaggi in social media rant

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor has taken aim at his two most ardent critics in the fight game, unleashing an Instagram onslaught on both Paulie Malignaggi and Khabib Nurmagomedov claiming that both rivals are 'broke bitches'.

McGregor was apparently responding to an interview given by former IBF and WBA champion Paulie Malignaggi, in which he denied speculation that he and the Irishman were in talks to negotiate McGregor's return to the boxing ring following an 18-month long war of words between the pair.

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The bad blood between McGregor and Malignaggi stems from two acrimonious sparring sessions in advance of the Irishman's lucrative boxing match with Floyd Mayweather in August 2016.

American fighter Malignaggi was upset at footage and stills released by McGregor's team which appeared to show him struggle in the sessions with McGregor - a claim rubbished by the boxer, who says the images were doctored and selectively released.


"Conor is the king of bulls*** so I would not be surprised if this Conor having his team put out rumors just to keep his name in the headlines," Malignaggi said of the speculation that he was to end his retirement to face McGregor.

McGregor didn't take long to have his say. Writing on Instagram, he noted that he 'liked' Malignaggi and suggested that a fighter of his stature shouldn't be so bothered by photographs released from a training session.

"Let the record show. I like Paulie Malignaggi,” wrote McGregor. "Here is a confrontation between us regarding a picture he was upset about. Yes you heard that right. A picture. I told him here, to his face 'Don’t be bitching.' Common knowledge I would think for a fighting man. Don’t be a bitch, bitching."

McGregor then switched gears to Russian UFC champion Khabib Nurmagmedov, who defeated the Irishman by fourth round submission in October in what was one of the most watched mixed martial arts bouts in history.

Nurmagomedov outworked McGregor throughout, becoming the first fighter to drop him with a punch in the UFC in the second round. McGregor rallied somewhat in the third, taking the round on all three scorecards, before submitting to a neck crank in the fourth.


"The same thing I said to Khabib at the end of round 3. My round. Don’t be bitching! Every single round bitching to the referee.He was even bitching in the fourth round from mount position.

"It baffled me. If anyone should have been saying anything to the referee, it should have been me in that 1st round. That round he held onto my legs for four minutes straight. With zero activity. But a fight is a fight who gives a fuck. Crying to the referee like a proper bitch. I was trying to dig my fingers into his Adams Apple. Many individuals in the fight business, I have learned lately, are absolute bitches.

'Broke b*tches!': Conor McGregor blasts both Khabib & Malignaggi in social media rant

"I know you’s are broke boys. But don’t be broke bitches."

McGregor's next move in the UFC remains unclear. He has indicated that he would be willing to accept a fight early this year, though it remains to be seen if the recent birth of his second child will delay his return to the cage.

It seems unlikely that UFC President Dana White would sanction a second sojourn to the boxing ring, particularly given that Malignaggi's star is significantly dimmer than that of Floyd Mayweather. 

And Nurmagomedov? So long as they remain active fighters in the UFC's lightweight division they will be linked with each other and if both fighters are to keep up their winning records it seems inevitable that we will see a sequel to their October fight, and perhaps all that comes along with that too.

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