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29 Nov, 2018 13:20

Mystic Khabib: UFC lightweight champ nails score prediction before watching PSG v Liverpool (VIDEO)

Mystic Khabib: UFC lightweight champ nails score prediction before watching PSG v Liverpool (VIDEO)

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov predicted the scoreline with unerring accuracy before taking his seat with a pair of A-list stars to watch Paris Saint-Germain defeat Liverpool 2-1 in the UEFA Champions League.

Nurmagomedov was seated just in front of legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and Hollywood icon Leonardo DiCaprio for the game, as the big-spending French giants took on last season's losing finalists in one of the biggest encounters of the Champions League group stages.

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Nurmagomedov shared his experience via his Instagram story, including the moment when he joined the victorious PSG team in the locker room after their victory as they celebrated their crucial 2-1 victory.

And the UFC lightweight champion even called the result before kick-off, telling PSG's social media team that he believed the French side would run out 2-1 winners.

"Thank you so much, guys," he said. "This is my first time when I come to Paris with friends and I'm very excited about this match. I know it's a very important match for Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool is a very tough club. Right now they're in very good shape. It's going to be a very good match.

"For the last 22 years I know all the soccer stories. When France won the World Cup 20 years ago, I knew all the players who played there, even now.

"My prediction? 2-1. I think Paris Saint-German are going to beat Liverpool. This is my prediction."

Nurmagomedov's successful prediction takes a page out of his rival Conor McGregor's book. The Dubliner made a name for himself by not only winning his fights, but accurately predicting how, and when, he would win them.

It led to McGregor calling himself "Mystic Mac," a moniker that has stuck with him throughout his UFC career.

But with Nurmagomedov's spot-on prediction of a 2-1 PSG win, it appears that "The Eagle" has not only taken the Irishman's former UFC lightweight belt, he's also taken his "mystical" prediction abilities, too.