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‘This is a turning point in the whole story’ – Swiss sports lawyer on RUSADA reinstatement

‘This is a turning point in the whole story’ – Swiss sports lawyer on RUSADA reinstatement
WADA’s decision to reinstate the Russian anti-doping agency (RUSADA) is a “turning point” in the long-running doping saga, according to renowned Swiss sports lawyer Lucien W. Valloni.

Talking exclusively to RT, Valloni stressed the importance of Thursday’s decision by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), adding that RUSADA’s restored status will help to put Russian athletes back on the international stage.

“This is now a very important step that was reached. The reinstatement of RUSADA is a turning point in the whole story and I think it will help the Russian athletes to get back to all kind of championships, and I think this is a day to celebrate,” Valloni said.

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A member of the Swiss Arbitration Association, Valloni emphasized that much work had been done by RUSADA officials to allow the agency to be reinstated.

A lot of restructuring within RUSADA has been made and all the points that were requested were done. I think this is what makes this decision very important. It shows that there is willingness to change things and this is what counts,” the lawyer said.


Valloni noted that many of the duties carried out by the UK authorities during RUSADA’s suspension can now be delegated to Russian officials, who will work on restoring other Russian sports agencies whose reinstatement depended on RUSADA’s status.

Russia notably remains suspended from bodies including the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), although the WADA ruling is seen as paving the way for a return.

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Yes, the English persons have done this investigation and now their work can be done by RUSADA again. This is very important, it was a condition for different associations that RUSADA should be reinstated before accepting their athletes, Russian athletes again. That’s why it is so important.

Talking about WADA’s statement to withdraw compliance status if RUSADA refuses to provide access to the former Moscow laboratory by the end of the year, the lawyer expressed confidence that Russia will fulfill its commitments.

The Russians have confirmed to give access to this data and I think that is the reason why it will go on and it will remain as it is. RUSADA will remain reinstated and that is the turning point,” Valloni added.