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12 Sep, 2018 16:17

Steph Curry says Serena Williams showed ‘grace & class’ in US Open final, internet raises eyebrows

Steph Curry says Serena Williams showed ‘grace & class’ in US Open final, internet raises eyebrows

NBA star Stephen Curry has raised eyebrows online after saying Serena Williams acted with “grace and class” in her US Open final defeat to Naomi Osaka, during which she controversially clashed with the umpire.

Williams, 36, suffered defeat to 20-year-old Osaka in New York on Saturday night, handing the Japanese player her first Grand Slam title.

However, the match was largely overshadowed by Williams’ outbursts at umpire Carlos Ramos, during which she branded him a "thief" and a "liar," over code violations Ramos issued.

While the on-court clashes during the match drew booing from the crowd in support of Williams, she attempted to quell their anger during the presentation ceremony and direct attention to Osaka. 

Now, Golden State Warriors star Curry, who is friends with Williams and has shot commercials with her, saw no problem with the way the 23-time Grand Slam winner handled the situation.

"I would say a championship match in terms of high-level talent on the court between those two ladies... obviously Naomi deserved to win and she played amazing," Curry told Omnisport.

"The way Serena handled the situation, I think she handled it with such grace and class. At the end of the day, I hope everybody understands and celebrates Naomi because she's the US Open champion and that's pretty dope," Curry added.

His claims over Williams’ behavior have prompted bemusement from some Twitter users, who have been left baffled by the 30-year-old's assessment of events. 


Williams was fined $17,000 for her series of outbursts, which began when she was handed a code violation for receiving coaching during the second set. Her coach, Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou, later admitted he had signaled to Williams from the stands, but said she had not seen him.

Williams later smashed her racket and was docked a game for an outburst at Ramos stemming from her anger over the initial violation.

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Her claims of sexism drew support from prominent figures in the world of tennis, including Billie Jean King, as well as the WTA, although King said on Tuesday that Williams had been "out of line, there's no question."