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Kickboxer attacks opponent after losing, chases angry fan (VIDEO)

Kickboxer attacks opponent after losing, chases angry fan (VIDEO)
Russian kickboxer Andrey Potapov struck out at his opponent after losing his fight at a tournament in Russia’s Far East, before chasing an angry fan who had jeered his actions.

The incident happened on Saturday in the city of Blagoveshchensk after the 71kg category championship fight in which Potapov’s opponent, Sergey Krutelev, earned a decision victory.

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A visibly upset Potapov left the ring immediately after the announcement of the decision, but was quickly called back by the organizers to take part in the award ceremony, where Krutelev received a trophy and Potapov was given a medal.

“I need a rematch!” Potapov said angrily when receiving his medal.

“You will get it,” Krutelev shot back.

The barbs escalated further, and resulted in Potapov punching his opponent in the stomach.

(The incident starts at 2:39:55 in the video above)

The fighters’ ring brawl was quickly broken up, but Potapov then decided to go after an angry fan who had been loudly complaining about his behavior.

He got out of the ring and went after the man, who quickly headed to the exit, looking to leave the arena.

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An infuriated Potapov pursued the fan up a set of stairs to the exit, finally catching up with him outside the arena, where the pair traded insults. Local media initially reported that the altercation turned violent, although it has since emerged that this was not the case.

The organizers of the tournament and Russian Kickboxing Federation representatives who attended the competition decided that ‘LIGA MUAY THAI’, which Potapov represents, will not be allowed to take part in official kickboxing events.

by Denis Geyko for RT Sport