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12 injured in NEW explosions at Siberian ammo depot (VIDEOS)

12 injured in NEW explosions at Siberian ammo depot (VIDEOS)
Twelve people have been injured in a new blast at the ill-fated ammo depot in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Region. The incident took place days after massive explosions at the site were filmed and became an internet sensation.

Locals posted videos of the explosions on Friday, showing plumes of black smoke rising high into the rainy sky.

A lightning bolt hit the warehouse with ammunition, which led to the fire and subsequent blast, the military said. The occurrence was made possible after the lightning protection at the facility was rendered inoperable by the explosions earlier in the week.

The regional government said that a shell went off during demining activities at the depot, which was demolished on Monday.

A total of twelve people were injured, with four of them transported to hospital in the wake of the blast, medics said.

Residents were evacuated from the nearby village of Kamenka, which suffered severe damage during the original explosions. 

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One person was killed and eight others injured on August 5 after a fire broke out during the unloading of ammunition at the depot. It caused two gigantic blasts, with one producing a massive mushroom-like plume of black smoke, while the other was accompanied by a burst of sparks from a burning high-caliber tank and artillery shells.

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