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Stylish rescue: Chechen heroes risk their lives to save 6yo boy from fifth floor of fashion house

Stylish rescue: Chechen heroes risk their lives to save 6yo boy from fifth floor of fashion house
The spectacular rescue of a small boy by a couple of death-defying Chechen men, just as he was about to fall from the fifth floor of a building, has been captured on video.

The stunning rescue took place in downtown Grozny, shortly after the six-year-old wandered into a local fashion house, looking for a toilet. After finding it on the fifth floor he became locked inside. The boy then decided to make it out of the room on his own.

He tried to crawl down drain pipes but became stuck; luckily passersby spotted the boy standing on a beam just outside a window, and raised the alarm.

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A couple of locals, a man named Aslan Dinaev and police officer Adam Djamaev, rushed to help.The footage, which quickly spread on Russian social media, showed Dinaev climbing out of the neighboring window and, risking his life, cautiously moving towards the boy, supported by Djamaev.

Holding the child by the hand, the two manage to drag him back into the building.

Both men received awards from Chechen Interior Minister Ruslan Alkhanov who praised their bravery and quick-thinking.

It comes just weeks after two Russian children cheated death in Omsk, Siberia by climbing onto a window ledge outside their apartment during a fire. The pair, aged eight and 10, were eventually rescued by firefighters.

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