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6 Feb, 2019 17:20

‘Damn Russia’s enemies!’: Video shows WITCHES meet in Moscow to cast spells... in support of Putin

‘Damn Russia’s enemies!’: Video shows WITCHES meet in Moscow to cast spells... in support of Putin

Enemies of Russia, beware. A group of Russian witches have gathered to hold a “Circle of Power” in support of President Vladimir Putin, casting spells they believe will increase Russia’s power and damn its foes.

The coven, which calls itself ‘The Empire of the Strongest Witches’ held the special ceremony in a Moscow mansion on Tuesday, after determining that Putin was in need of a little extra support against evil forces.

Wearing black cloaks and reading from spell books, the witches used their magic powers to instill new strength in Russia and help Putin cope with international problems.

“He who hears and does not hear, who sees and does not see, who was and will be, will not forget my word: Rise the great power of Russia, direct the path of Vladimir Putin truly and righteously, through my word,” one incantation went.

The head witch and founder of the Empire, Alyona Polyn, told Russian media that the ceremony, which lasted about 20 minutes, was held in support of the state and the president, since he is the face of Russia.

“Power – it is a kind of sorbent,” Polyn said, explaining that people should not “speak negatively” about any person who is tasked with leading the country.

Not only did the witches cast positive strength-enhancing spells for Russia and Putin, they also set curses on his foes: “Who comes to us with evil, who leaves us with evil, who hurts us or speaks evil – forever, eternally and endlessly – damned enemies, enemies damned!”

Asked exactly who Putin needed support and protection against, the witches did not provide specifics. One explained that the curses were against “all who attack him” and said that "spiteful critics" must be silenced.

Polyn said that everything about the ceremony, from the day, to the time and place it was held, were calculated carefully so that the “energy passed correctly” to Putin.

But don’t worry, the head witch clarified that the overall goal was “aimed at improving the quality of life on Earth through Russia” and that to do that, it was simply necessary to support the president through their witchcraft.

It’s not the first time politics crossed paths with forces of the occult.

Last year, a group of Brooklyn-based witches tried to prevent the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by putting a "public hex"on the then-nominee. That prompted the apparently successful intervention of a Catholic exorcist and priest who vowed to protect Kavanaugh against their sorcery with a well-timed mass.

Witches worldwide planned a mass ritual against Trump and “all those who abet him” in 2017. They also use the hashtag #MagicResistance on Twitter, in case anyone was interested in joining.

It’s probably all just a witch hunt, though.

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