Reps & Dems ‘ruined US, why would we vote for them?’

Reps & Dems ‘ruined US, why would we vote for them?’
Young Americans have rejected the status quo and want more choices and a new climate, but there is no third choice in this US election, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura told RT America’s News with Ed.

Younger US voters seem to be unimpressed by the two major presidential candidates. They care about issues such as education, student debt, racial problems, and the justice system.

RT: Where are we? What do you think is going to unfold?

Jesse Ventura: Where are we? In my opinion, election-wise, there is an old military saying called ‘fubar,’ and, unfortunately, I can’t break that down for you, because we’re a family television station.

RT:The lack of enthusiasm for younger voters clearly is an issue right now. How do you turn that around this lane?

JV: I don’t think you can. And the reason that they were enthusiastic for me – because I was a third party. I was not the status quo you’re looking at right now. When Donald Trump says that the elections are rigged, he’s correct, but it is not rigged the way he believes it is. It is rigged that there is no third choice out there. This was the year that we should have been presented with more choices than the two we’ve got. And if given those in the debates, I think you’d see a whole new climate going on. That is what the millennials, the young people, are looking for. They are not looking for the status quo. With Hillary Clinton, you’re getting the status quo; you’re getting the same thing that has been done for the 30-40 years. When Donald Trump picked Mike Pence – that solidified him to the Republican right. Nobody is more Republican than Mike Pence. I think that is the problem, that is what I thrived upon – the unrest of the two parties and how bad they are. They have ruined our country. Why would we vote for them?

RT:There is a nightmare for the Democrats, for the progressives, the liberals right now, like e-mails, investigations, and lies. That is a downer for a lot of people right now. What would be your advice at this point?

JV: Here’s the unique thing: the original Trump people and the original Bernie people – they wanted the same thing. But one was far-left and the other was far-right – they will never come together. They wanted a house in Washington; they wanted new; they wanted old out, in comes the new. But the problem is now the Hillary forces, by eliminating the Bernie people – they are the old, and then Trump aligned with the old. So, the new is getting left out on the wind again. We probably have to wait till 2020. Then maybe it’ll have to be me.

RT: Is Donald Trump laying up the last week, or is he going for the green. What do you think?

JV: I think he is got to go for the green, he can’t lay up… No doubt about it. And Hillary’s got to continue to play aggressive. But I am personally… not voting for either of them. I will not vote for Democrat or Republican.

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