‘Americans against establishment in both parties’ - Ann Coulter

‘Americans against establishment in both parties’ - Ann Coulter
People in the US are waking up and recognizing they are against the establishment in both parties. They are seeing this for what it is, says conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter.

Some of the hacked emails uncover what conservatives have been saying about Hillary Clinton all along: “You can't trust her.” In the meantime, there is a political civil war breaking out in the Republican Party. Donald Trump says he doesn't need or want any support from House Speaker Paul Ryan.

RT host Ed Schultz discussed these with conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter. Her latest book is “In Trump we trust. E pluribus awesome!”

RT: Let's start with these Clinton emails. The discrepancy backs up the narrative that the right has used for years. What are your thoughts on that?

Ann Coulter: It's not even so much the right. But this, what I think, is the new movement of the people against both parties and the elites. But for the super-delegates we would have both candidates running for president this year not be from really either political party. Bernie Sanders is technically an independent. And the fact that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump got more regular votes than either of the official parties, I really think it is the people against the uni-party. And the natural home for Bernie supporters especially with these emails coming out and how they're going to trick the Bernie supporters and make them think they got something… You know perfectly well, TPP is going to go through supported by Hillary Clinton, a Democrat and Paul Ryan, a Republican. I think you can get the same emails from the elites in my party as we're getting out of the elites in the Democrat Party.

RT: There is a lot of news again about Donald Trump. Two women named in the New York Times have come out with new allegations about him grabbing them or, should I say inappropriate touching, as the story reads. Is this race over? Can Donald Trump recover from this?

AC: I think he can, I think he has. I think this is nonsense. I knew they were going to do this, the media and the networks have basically been taking casting calls for someone to come forward and make a false allegation. There are a few others they tried. One promoted in the New York Times by Nicholas Kristof. And the Trump campaign responded by sending out her emails to the Trump campaign for the last year. That I think, I would recommend that you look them up, pretty clearly disprove any claims she was making. But look, it takes a while sometimes for the truth to come up, to catch up to false allegations like this. It is striking he's been a billionaire for a long time; billionaires are biggest sitting ducks for sexual assault cases. He has had thousands of employees; he is the first developer to employ a lot of female foreman on his projects. The New York Times, remember they had that famous article back in May when they interviewed like 50 women who have known Donald Trump, who worked with him…  And also in places like beauty contests, The Apprentice, he hires attractive men and women to work at his golf courses. And there has never been a serious allegation against him of any inappropriate behavior. He had a potty mouth 11 years ago.

RT: Do you think any of this is going to affect the voters? That voters won't render judgment on this kind of talk, in this kind of alleged behavior that America would still want to take a chance on as you say “E pluribus awesome!”

AC: My sense is people are just waking up, I mean the whole country, not my party but people are recognizing. This really is the people against an establishment in both parties. Look at what happened in Brexit; look at what happened in the Democratic primary this year. And they're seeing this for what it is. And if anything, this is just making them angrier.

RT: There is just a big scrap going back and forth. Do you think Paul Ryan could lose his speakership in a battle with Donald Trump?

AC: I do. I think he will win reelection but I think if Donald Trump wins this presidential election, and I still think it's 50/50, we'll see what happens…but in fact I think it's a little more likely that Trump wins than that he losses at this stage. If he wins that is going to be such a gigantic earthquake through both political parties. And it will be the public saying: “We hate both of the official political parties in this country. You've not been serving our interest.”

RT: I want you to take on the alleged hacking. We've got two countries, two superpowers - fingers pointing, denials, allegations…If the Russians are doing this and they are responsible and if they are now allegedly into the voter data in Florida, why doesn't President Obama do something about it? Is he exposed for his weakness here of not doing it for him to sit idle through this election? Doesn't he have to do something? And how would conservatives view, maybe your candidate Donald Trump who you write about being compromised because of this?

AC: That's a really interesting point on Obama. The reason I hadn't even thought of it is that the whole “Russia is behind this” is nonsense. I'm expecting anything about Hillary is always over “the Russians are behind it.” We could use these guys back during the Cold War... And I got to say I haven’t been taking it seriously at all …

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