MH17 investigation 'politicized from the very beginning'

MH17 investigation 'politicized from the very beginning'
There is a fear that the information we’ll be presented tomorrow regarding the crash of MH17 will be used to blame Russia for the political crisis that hit Ukraine, Willy Wimmer, former state secretary in the German Defense Ministry, told RT.

On the eve of the Dutch Safety Board presenting its final technical report on last year’s crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine, Moscow reiterated that its information into the tragedy has been ignored.

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RT: Putin's spokesman said earlier today the international probe has ignored some of the data given to it by Moscow and that Russian experts have not been engaged enough. How could this have affected the investigation?

Willy Wimmer: I think when it comes to such a tragedy and to hundreds of people dead and relatives mourning for their lifetime – in such a case an investigation has to be very serious, very open and everything has to be taken into consideration. If there is a slightest doubt that this is a fair and a good investigation, people worldwide would be concerned. It will be like an assault on the human understanding of such a tragedy…

RT: Tomorrow's report will name the cause of the crash. What do you expect it to be?

WW: The whole thing was politicized from the very beginning. The plane was just in flames and the US President already named those who might be responsible for this killing of hundreds of people. We know from the very beginning that this case had been used, and people are very skeptical about the report which might be on the table tomorrow. So, the whole development… is not in accordance with cases of similar importance.

RT: But we will also have to wait for the results of the criminal probe carried out by the Joint Investigation Team. There's hardly any official information on its progress or the evidence it's looking into. Why is that?

WW: I think from the very beginning the whole investigation was organized in a way that doesn’t fit the problem. I think everybody had to take the Russian information into consideration in a fair and in a proper way. And therefore I think everything which will be presented tomorrow – there are obstacles to believe what they will present because of the way they dealt with the investigation. There is an ongoing fear that everything that we’ll be presented tomorrow might fit into the idea to blame Russia for everything that happened in the Ukraine, and perhaps to use it as a trigger for war...


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