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11 Jan, 2021 08:59

Digital Craft & Storytelling: RT Creative Lab is now online

Digital Craft & Storytelling: RT Creative Lab is now online

RT’s award-winning creative in-house agency is rolling out a fresh webpage, presenting the team’s most interesting digital craft over the years.

An 11-strong team of creatives with a mutual background in journalism forms RT Creative Lab – the channel’s in-house production for large-scale digital projects focusing on education and history.

The team’s mission is to experiment with digital storytelling formats and to be innovative in approaching complex historical subjects for younger people, to inspire them to learn.

In late 2016 a group of journalists from the RT English internet department joined up to work on a special project, an online re-enactment of the Russian Revolution. This grew into #1917LIVE, an interactive historical role-play that took Twitter by storm in 2017. 

By 2018 the team grew and moved on to their next project – #Romanovs100, dedicated to Russia’s last royal family, through thousands of their own photographs published across four social networks, with accounts on each network showcasing their own narrative, format and content.

#VictoryPages came out in 2020, a large-scale project incorporating young artists, designers, animators, content creators who expressed their feelings marking the WWII anniversary. Visual art, interactive formats, 3D animations, Virtual & Augmented realities all added up to the project’s dynamic real-time storytelling. 

Together with Spotify & Google, RT Creative Lab has made it into the top three among the latest In-House Agencies rankings by The One Club for Creativity.

Projects by RT Creative Lab have also won the most awards in the fifth Shorty Social Good Awards, ahead of GlobalCitizen, HBO, Facebook App, YouTube Originals, CNN and National Geographic, and have also become the most successful Russian agency at the 2020 Webby Awards.

RT Creative Lab campaigns have been recognized in dozens of international and local festivals, winning over 100 awards.

Follow RT Creative Lab on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Vimeo to keep up with the team’s latest developments.